Quiz Posted: 8/31/03

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Forty Fourth




Baby Steps

fake it




Good Morning America

have it


the alarm hasn't gone off



Labor Day

The Gutman's

rain storm

Lake Winnipesaukee

Mrs. Gutman

Brady Bunch










Instructions: Below are 20 questions and 2 bonus questions.  Choose the correct answer from the drop box. For the bonus questions type in your answer. Each question worth 1 point.


Part 1

1. Bob's fish is named what?

2. Dr. Marvin's book is titled what?

3. Dr. Marvin's office is on the floor

4. Dr. Marvin's first name is what?

5. Bob tells Dr. Marvin, "If I then I it.


Part 2

6.Dr. Marvin goes on vacation until when?

7. "Baby steps" costs how much?

8. When Bob first calls Dr. Marvin while he's on vacation; Bob is watching what?

9. The second time Bob calls Dr. Marvin he pretends to be Dr. Marvin's what?

        BONUS: What is Dr. Marvin's sister's name?

10. Bob pretends to be a detective from to get Leo's address.


Part 3

11. Dr. Marvin is where on vacation?

        BONUS: What state is that in?

12. Dr. Marvin tells Bob to wait in who's coffee shop?

13. Who calls Dr. Marvin a son of a bitch?

14. The Gutman's drove Bob where?

15. Ziggy won't do what for Leo?


Part 4

16. Bob needs to take a vacation from his .

17. Bob has never done what, but does it for the first time with Leo's daughter.

18. Dr. Marvin wants Bob to walk home in what?

19. When Leo tries to wake up Bob, he won't get up because why?

20. Bob and Leo are on what TV Show?


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